Eat Right And Live Well With Your Family

Tips To Eat Right And Live Well With Your Family

Promoting a Healthy Family
A healthy family makes a happy, emotionally fulfilled family. There are some steps you can take to assure that your family is at peak performance while encouraging emotional bonding.

Food High In Nutrition
People’s tastes and habits are influenced by the foods that their peer groups and families indulge in. Making healthy food available instead of sugary snacks is a solid tactic for promoting a healthy diet.

People tend to be predisposed to preferring foods high in fat and sugar, so limiting access to these foods and providing healthy alternatives will jump start your family into a healthier lifestyle that will put your bodies and minds into better working order.

Another tactic for healthy eating is the traditional family meal. That time where members sit around the table and enjoy the ambiance of being with each other is an important aspect of healthy eating patterns.

Studies have shown that when food is consumed in a group environment where parents and friends can model healthy eating habits, the likelihood of those habits being adapted by the people around them is higher than in families where meal time is spent on the run or in front of the TV ignoring each other.

Group Fun Exercise Time
Like eating habits rigorous exercise regimes can be promoted by engaging in regular physical activity with family and friends.

This is especially important if children are a part of the family. The level of physical activity they are encouraged to engage in and the amount of exercise they see the adults in their family engage in, can affect how much they will exercise later in life.

Adults need at least two and half hours of cardio exercise weekly and children need at least 60 minutes of exercises per day in order to promote mental and physical health.

Two and a half hours a week or sixty minutes a day may seem like a lot, especially with a busy schedule, but there are a lot of fun group activities that can be engaged in together that makes time fly.

Fun Group Physical Activities:

  • Playing video games with move technology
  • Ice skating
  • Group capture the flag
  • Laser tag
  • Frisbee
  • and various other sports are all solid choices.

Vitamins are essential to forming a strong immune system, keeping the digestive system on track, and keeping a healthy metabolism. Many vitamins are derived by the body from the foods that are eaten.

Vitamin A which promotes healthy eye sight and appetite is found in dairy products, egg yolk, and yellow fruit. Vitamin D is found in dairy products and sunlight.

It promotes strong bones and teeth. If the recommended daily dose (RDA) of vitamin A and D is not achieved, than night-blindness and weak bones and teeth will occur.
If you believe that you or a family member might be vitamin deficient, then you should see your doctor or consult a pharmacist about vitamin supplements. If vitamins are bought over the counter without conducting a physician, take them cautiously.

Vitamins in general are safe, but too much of Vitamin A, B6, D, E, Calcium and Iron can have serious and sometimes fatal reactions. But as long as taken in a safe manner, vitamins can improve the life of people who can’t or won’t eat enough foods that will meet daily requirements.

Families can subtly promote healthy living through engaging in family dinners where healthy foods are served and engaging in daily or semi-weekly group activities that require physical activity.

Together, with the help of the occasional vitamin, the family should be able to live a long, healthy life.

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