third Week of Pregnancy

You & Your Growing Body-

Numerous ladies are still unsure about whether they’re truly pregnant even in third week of pregnancy. Side effects are breaking in and pregnancy tests are looked for after, either with the help of over the counter tests or by visiting reputed gynecologists.

If you are not sure about your pregnancy, reaching your gynecologist to affirm ought to be carried out right now. After affirmation of the existing pregnancy a gynecologist ought to be chosen to stay in touch with throughout the following 9 months of pregnancy.

Common Symptoms faced in the third Week of Pregnancy

You may notice some pregnancy pains besides changes in your emotional balance. Slight changes in your weight level will be noticed in week 3. In short you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Pregnancy Pains
  • Change in emotional Balance
  • Slight Change in weight
  • Restlessness
  • Missed period for 3 weeks from due date
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness

It can be sign for any other health problem but missing period for so long can be an indication for pregnancy.

Common Tests Advised During Third Week Of Pregnancy-

Basically this is a blood test to determine the exact weeks of pregnancy. This test is done with mother’s sample. You can go for Urine test to find whether the level of HCG is perfect to declare you as pregnant.

Tips to Follow During Third Week Of Pregnancy-

Once you are confirmed that you are pregnant after getting the reports of the above tests follow the below tips:

  • Get connected to a gynecologist for further assistance
  • Don’t Pick heavy things
  • Keep your movements soft
  • Keep Taking small and frequent meals

Nutrition for Third Week of Pregnancy-

Take folic acid supplement as suggested by doctor or even prenatal multivitamin.

Take protein enriched food for baby tissue building well. Take Iron supplement besides iron enriched food. Calcium as well as vitamin D enriched food is must for baby teeth and bone growth.

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