Advantages of The Wheat Germs

The Advantages of The Wheat Germs Beside The Other Cereals

All we know that the cereals are the best choice for a meal when we keep to some diet or we try to reduce our kilos. There are several types of cereals, and the wheat is considered as one of the most useful and the healthiest.

Here are some examples that show why the wheat is better for consumption rather than the other types of cereals.

  1. The wheat is divided into three parts, and the germ is the middle part full with vitamins and essential fats. In this part are found all healthy substances, which are disposable in the other cereals.
  2. The wheat germs are natural and are not processed at all unlike the other cereals.
  3. The wheat germs contain more plant fibers than the other cereals. A dosage of 120 grams has 65% of the necessary quantity of the plant herbs that you should take in the day.
  4. They reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  5. They increase the capacity for energy storage in the muscles.
  6. The wheat germs contain Octacosanol that helps in body reflexes improvement.
  7. They balance the organism.
  8. From the wheat germs the stress tolerance is increased.
  9. They protect the muscles, the blood, the lungs and the eyes from damages.
  10. They are rich in folic acid that helps to reduce the homocystein and prevent from damage of the arteries.
  11. The protein level in the wheat germs is higher than in the other cereals.

One dosage contains 28 grams protein.

BONUS: It is recommended for people suffering diabetes with the help of experts

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