Symptoms of Pregnancy

Time to get pregnant ? Now you must know about the pregnancy symptoms! here are 6 types Symptoms of pregnancy that confirm you are pregnant. and ready to give a happiness to your loveable member and life partner…

Know the early signs of pregnancy and take precautions and health measures for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Detecting the pregnancy is more difficult for first time mom. Here are a few traits that can help the expecting mom to deterring whether they are pregnant or not.

Fatigue: excessive tiredness after normal routine work or feeling complexly exhausted after going up the stairs might be the signs of early pregnancy. The growing fetus need oxygen as a resole expected mom naturally feels fatigued and out of breath. This situation become complex as the baby grows and develops lung and diaphragm. Don’t neglect it or try to cover it by adding more up of coffees, instead consult a doctor or pay attention to other signs of pregnancy to determine the reason behind the sudden fatigues.

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Aversion to food: one may find it weird unless experience it but many expectant moms is prone to food smells. And the urge to vomit to unpleasing food smell is quite common. If you have suddenly developed picky nose of food smells then it might be due to the pregnancy.

Sensitivity to smell: the rising level of hormones normally cause sensitivity to smell in pregnant women. Smells and perfumes which were pleasing and nice to wear suddenly seem intolerable and their smells make you weak. Suddenly you found your cologne smell very harsh or the fruity smell of the lip balm hard to tolerate. Do not neglect this sudden change in behavior as it could be the sign of early pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting: it is the most common symptom of early pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are the primary cause of nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy. Issues like morning sickness, nausea and vomiting are an early indicator of pregnancy.

Sore breast: Soreness in the breast is another symptom of pregnancy. If you are finding it a little uncomfortable to put bra or find breast tender and heavy, then it could be due to pregnancy. Visible veins on chest are one of the most detrimental signs of pregnancy.

Frequent urination: the expansion of the uterus pushes bladder as a result urge of frequent urination is felt by the expectant mother. So if you are finding it hard to avoid few extra rounds to look then it might be the early symptom of conceiving.

Consult your gynecologist to confirm the pregnancy and lead a healthy life for a healthy pregnancy.

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