Sugar - Less is more!

Sugar – Less is more!

My husband and I were shopping at Costco’s trying to find the items we use on a daily basis in bulk. One of these things were sugar. We’ve tried every type of sugar out there. From simple sugars, to sweeteners, to raw brown sugar, etc. We stumbled upon a huge bag of Organic Sugar. Immediately, we grabbed the bag because of two reasons:

1. It was more than enough supply for our daily coffee consumption!
2. It was Organic.

I was curious as to why Organic Sugar was different from the rest of regular white sugar. Here’s a couple of reasons why and it might interest you!

  1. Unlike regular white sugar, organic sugar doesn’t undergo further processes and therefore keeps most of its taste it gets from the sugarcane.
  2. It’s unrefined – meaning it has more of a natural taste. (So less teaspoons are needed in your coffee, tea, etc.)
  3. Organic sugar contains the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids your body needs. (So that first spoonful can make a difference in your morning.)
  4. It’s great for other uses such as body scrubs and facial scrubs.

Here’s what I use it for:

Face: I combine the organic sugar with some coconut oil and Vitamin E oil to make my own sugar scrub. The sugar takes off any layers of dry skin I may have, leaving my skin feeling nice and smooth!

& for my coffee of course!

My Body areas that will benefit from this product:

  • Overall Body
  • Dry Skin

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