Sizzurp Replaces Promethazine and Codeine

Sizzurp has been glorified over the last decade. Many popular artists have mentioned sizzurp in their songs and many have lost their lives as a result of the overdose (recent example – Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne). Such glamorous use of such harmful substance has 0destroyed many lives and it is high time you keep your kid safe from such drug use. Today, we will talk in detail about sizzurp that can help you at greater extend to deal with sizzurp abuse.

What is Sizzurp?

Sizzurp can be referred as the mixture of Promethazine and Codeine cough syrup, usually mixed with flavored soda and dissolved jolly ranch candies. The other names for Sizzurp are “purple drank”, “Texas Tea” and “lean”. The main ingredients to make sizzurp includes, prescribed codeine and promethazine. Other over the counter drugs like Robitussin-DM type syrups are also used. It is available illegally or the cough syrup and other ingredients are available as prescribed medication. The form and color of Sizzurp is usually purple (hence the purple drank), although many forms with different amount of codeine and promethazine are available. Among all other types, the purple colored sizzurp is considered as the original type and most effective. The mixture of sizzurp does not contain alcohol, pills or any other form of liquid generally used. If it is not promethazine with codeine it isn’t a real sizzurp.

Effects Of Sizzurp

Many drug prescription rehabs in the USA have stated some serious conditions associated with sizzurp and other cough syrup consumption. Overdose of cough syrup that contains opioids can result in coma or in extreme conditions death. Nausea, dizziness, impaired vision, memory loss, hallucination, seizures are just the starters.

As mentioned, sizzurp contains codeine and promethazine. Now, codeine which is opioid, causes excitement, so the consumer tends to do things which they have no control on. On the other hand, cough syrup contains promethazine who acts as a sedative. Such combination of drugs can have severe effect on the behaviour and one loose control of the body. The name “lean” is derived from such behaviour, as the consumer leans on either direction having no control on the body whatsoever. Skill impairment, lethargy, drowsiness, severe effect on the digestive system, insomnia are other effects of sizzurp.

What prolongs consumption of Sizzurp can do?

Centers for treatment of prescription drug abuse have stated many dangerous effects associated with sizzurp, if consumed regularly. They state, “Too much consumption of codeine and promethazine can have adverse effects on the nervous system and respiratory system. Prolong exposure to them an cause heart and lung failure. They can be deadly, when mixed with drugs and alcohol.

According the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, 1 in 10 adolescent teens consume prescribed drugs or over the counter drugs to get intoxicated. The numbers are rising everyday and with new products in the market to cure our health we are also increasing the risk of addiction. We can say that sizzurp has replaced promethazine and codeine, but a drug relacing drug is eventually destroying our youth and our future.

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