second Week of Pregnancy

You and your growing body

In the second week of pregnancy you can feel the changes in your body much more pronouncedly as compared to those in the first week.

Although, you cannot be considered pregnant in the second week. The changes in your body are also not visible properly. You must understand that your body is preparing for the next higher level.

Common symptoms experienced during the second week of pregnancy

The symptoms experienced during the second week of pregnancy may or may not appear to be prominent. But here are a few of them that are most commonly experienced by women in the second week of pregnancy.

  • Cramping on either sides of the body.
  • Prolonged morning sickness.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Loss of appetite.

However the above symptoms can differ from one individual to another, it is advised to get a pregnancy test done by your doctor, if countering a majority of the above stated symptoms.

Common Tests advised

Most of the tests that can be done, are on either the blood or on the urine of mother. A few of those are:

HCG Test( Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

Home Pregnancy Tests


Periodic check up with your doctor is best advised. Apart from that it is the time you should start taking proper care of yourself as now it is not just you, but also the baby within you. Proper nutrition and a balanced diet is the key to good health of both the mother and her baby.

  • Liquor and cigarettes must be avoided.
  • A proper and a balanced diet with good amount of proteins is advised.
  • Light and easy exercises can be implemented to stay fit.


A proper and a balanced diet is a must to be consumed by the women in the second week of pregnancy. It requires an enormous amount of energy and resources of the body to grow a baby out of a single cell.

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Thus, foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals should be consumed. A good amount of fruits and vegetables is also advised. Folic acid is very essential and its supplements must be consumed to ensure that the baby does not suffer from any birth defects.

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