Method Of Treating Autism

A New Method Of Treating Autism: What A Chiropractor Can Accomplish

Functional neurology, first initiated by Fred Carrick, is way for professionals to perform a myriad conditions related to the brain. Some conditions, such as autism or attention deficit disorder, can be difficult for both the child and his or her parents to endure. In some cases, autism can lead to many pains and struggles, such as the autistic child who innocently drew a picture of a bomb, which was from one of his favorite games—Bomberman. Unfortunately, it was misrepresented as a threat to the school, leading him to suspension.

What are some of the warning signs of autism?

  • Poor eye contact
  • No presence of social play
  • Lack of communication skills
  • Preoccupation with certain objects
  • Inability to make friends with fellow peers
  • Unusual or highly strange sense of language
  • Unable to initiate a conversation with others

Additionally, children with autism have difficulty with impulse control. They might move restlessly while randomly bursting out with words or phrases, sometimes inappropriate. Much like children of ADD, they cannot seem to pay attention to things they are not interested in and can come off as aloof.

Did you know that 1 out of every 88 children is diagnosed with some form of autism each year? The amount of children who have been born with autism has increased in the past 26 years alone. Some blame vacinations for this outbreak, but the cause is unsure.

With 1 out of every 88 children being diagnosed with autism every year, treatments must be made available. According to Autism Speaks, autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.  1 out of every 54 boys has been born with it, and prevalence figures are growing. Unfortunately, there is no medication or cure for autism, but chiropractors can assist tremendously.

So, what can a chiropractor due for an autistic child?

With autism, the central nervous system is severely impacted, which is how chiropractors can come in handy. A chiropractor is designed to improve the function of autistic children’s brains and bodies for their overall health.

In fact, regular chiropractic checkups can pinpoint any vertebral subluxations in the spine, which then removes interference to the overall nervous system. This allows children to adjust better to their current environment.

The nervous system plays a crucial role in the following areas of our lives:

  • The way we feel
  • The way we move
  • The way we use our senses
  • The way that we act, either in personality or to another human being

With a good chiropractor who is very knowledgeable of the incredible value of functional neurology for children with autism, he or she can dramatically change your own child’s life. With the assistance of a highly qualified chiropractor, you can avoid the following issues:

  • Over medication
  • Sending your child to therapy sessions
  • Sending your child to a behavioral center
  • Experimenting with a series of medications

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the symptoms of most children improve with treatment and with age. In the event that your child is still struggling with autism, a chiropractor can assist you greatly.

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