MI Paste Taking Care Of Your Teeth

MI Paste: Taking Care Of Your Teeth

Whether or not to buy MI paste is actually an easy decision. Depending on your dental issues, it can be a great non-invasive, non-surgical way to find some relief. MI paste is a water based cream that comes in a tube like toothpaste, and is meant to be directly applies to the surface of your teeth.

Comprised of calcium and phosphate, this paste can rebuild th2e outer surface of your teeth, improving both sensitivity and discoloration. When you buy MI paste, you help restore the oral mineral imbalances that lead to demineralization, which is at the root of many oral health issues.

Issues MI Paste can Resolve:

  • Dry mouth caused by medication
  • Reducing acid levels of the mouth and saliva, attributed to high soft drink consumption
  • Decrease tooth sensitivity
  • Prevent and repair white spots
  • Can ease suffering from acid erosion and caries

How do You Apply it?

When you buy MI paste you might be tempted to brush with it, but in fact it is met to rest on your teeth, much like a whitening treatment. You simply place a small amount in specialized trays and allow it to sit against your teeth for three minutes to allow for absorption. Don’t have trays? No problem. Simply applying with a cotton swab and allowing to rest for the prescribed time will also be sufficient.

Why Do I Have the Oral Health Problems to Begin With?

Normally, the pH levels in your mouth are fairly neutral, but they fluctuate whenever you eat or drink. Plaque and tartar build up happen as you eat and drink and corrode your teeth if not tended to. Thus, for those who are always drinking (things other than water) or snacking, the pH level in your mouth is consistently acidic. This is a dangerous environment for your teeth and can cause them to damage more quickly. Deciding to buy MI paste is a good way to consistently protect your teeth, especially if you are a habitual smacker or soda lover.

A Preventative Measure

Above all else, MI paste is a favorite amongst dentists for preventing oral health issues. With regular use it can keep teeth strong and resilient. It even has the power to reverse potential cavities. MI paste plus includes fluoride in it, which helps to strengthen the surface of the teeth. IF you have a soft spot and potential cavity, choosing to buy MI paste plus is an excellent decision. The fluoride in the product will help re-harden the tooth’s surface while the calcium and phosphate begin to replenish what the tooth has lost.

Using MI paste is also a great preventative measure for those with braces. Orthodontic devices can oftentimes cause spotting and discoloration of the teeth. Regular use of MI paste can prevent or even repair spotting.

Safe for All Ages

Children are walking disasters. It’s true! They are bumping into walls, falling down, scraping knees and often, cheating on their oral healthcare. For younger children and toddlers, whose teeth are still coming in and who make teeth brushing difficult, MI paste is the perfect tool. Because the original MI paste does not contain fluoride, it is safe to swallow. Using it daily on small children can help fortify their teeth and prevent decay. It’s important to remember that baby teeth are meant to last about 12 years. That adds up to a lot of improper brushing and snack foods, sugars and acids over the years. If you buy MI paste for your child, you won’t have to be as concerned about their baby teeth going the distance.

Dentists also recommend the product for those suffering from physical or mental disabilities that inhibit a person’s ability to practice proper and regular oral healthcare. MI paste is a great investment in these situations too.

Risk Groups

Those who have the greatest risk factors, and may want to buy MI paste for daily use, include smokers, people with a sweet tooth, those who frequently enjoy surgery beverages (including juice) and those who eat a high amount of carbohydrates. These groups of people will have more vulnerable teeth due to higher pH levels in their mouth.

MI paste is an easy preventative measure for anyone to take and is a great addition to any oral health routine.

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