Health Providers Open Up to Cloud Technology

Health Providers Open Up to Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has been around for some time now and the healthcare industry has finally opened up to this industry in a big way. Cloud-based electronic health records’ use is finally spreading, and the ones who are now eagerly accepting this are the small practices. The larger companies in the healthcare industry have already taken up to the cloud and now it’s the small physicians who have figured their space up in the cloud. However, there is still a small segment of Physicians from both the markets who distrust cloud services and feel it obstructs their use of technology.

 What makes small practices to go on cloud is the ease of handling all the technical issues without depending on a third party. By going on cloud, they do not have to depend on the technical expertise of a third party to deal with the challenges of operating an EHR system from the site. Hence, it makes it easier for small practices to adopt cloud-based EHRs instead of an onsite system.

However, there are a few practices which are still dependent on the client/server EHR instead of a cloud-based solution. Using cloud-based services has a lot of benefits over having an onsite client server. Some of these are:

  • It has a fixed monthly licensing fee
  • It gives enhanced client support and built-in service security
  • Cloud-based vendors can provide remote assistance to any practice
  • A cloud-based server is inexpensive, when compared to in-house hardware, software or server
  • There is no worry of IT maintenance issues
  • A cloud-based vendor will ease the process of meeting Meaningful Use requirements with enhanced tracking, reporting, and better connectivity
  • A practice can meet HIPAA regulations easily with the help of cloud-based electronic health records as industry experts, who are managing data security for a living, handle the data
  • Practices can get rid of costs concerned to software updates, licensing renewals and a large dedicated IT presence
  • A cloud-based system has the benefits of constant updates with minimal-set up costs and predetermined monthly fees, which keeps your practice budget under check
  • Physicians can always remain connected with their practice on the go as a cloud-based system gives them the ease of accessing their system securely from any part of the world which is connected to the internet
  • Systems which are on the cloud usually offer a better client support as assessing and assisting a practice from a remote place makes it easier to function so that one need not depend on an IT professional to fix up an issue

Another major benefit of using a cloud-based electronic health records system is that it has a high level of customization. This allows users to customize most of the elements, from the frequently used tool on the dashboard to the color code of the patient schedules and notes.

Ideally, cloud computing empowers nurses, doctors, and administrators as they do not have to scan through details of a patient’s medical records, but rather get the information they need in a few clicks. This is very important in an emergency room situation. Cloud-based technologies are focused mainly on the user, giving them a better control for an enhanced experience.

As a first move, it is great to transit to electronic health records, then, the right step will be to make a jump to cloud computing. When you are ready to make this big jump, make sure that you have found the right technology company which can handle your data securely. Do your own research and ensure you have chosen a HIPAA-compliant provider.

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