Fun sex positions that you should try with your partner

Fun sex positions that you should try with your partner

Get the most out of your sex life with experimentation and some fun positions that will make both of you want even more sex!

You know how it is with life – if something falls into a routine, you soon tire of it. Nobody likes the same vegetable sandwich for breakfast every day, nor the same aloo paratha for lunch. If you remain in a job for five years with no variation in your duties, you soon function on autopilot. If you wear the same kind of clothes day in and day out, you will bore not just others but also yourself.

This also applies to your sex life. Most couples may begin their sex life with the ‘conventional’ man to top position. It gets the job done, but soon, it becomes monotonous. Sex in the same position every single time takes the excitement and sensitivity out of sex. Soon, the spark is gone from the relationship. Thus, it is important to introduce variation to make your sex life sizzle. You can experiment with fragrances, change of location and role play, but the biggest change must come from the basic sex position – try a different sex position to make sex more pleasurable and uplifting!

Let’s look at four different sex positions you can try with your partner:

1 The ‘spread out’ pose. This is an easy position, especially for the man. She lays her breasts and belly on the bed, her thighs against the bedside and her feet on the floor. The man stands behind her on his knees, spreading her legs and penetrating her from behind. This position offers deep penetration and the man can support his weight on his knees instead of on her body. The woman also enjoys this position more because she can pleasure herself during the act.

2 The ‘Look at me’ position.He sits on a chair with his legs apart. She sits on his thighs, with her feet on the floor. This is a great position to straddle him without straining her hips and thighs. It also offers a great position for foreplay. Once the man is aroused and erect, she gently lowers herself on his penis. This position offers both partners the chance to thrust easily. But it is better to try this position if both partners know each other and their bodies well – it involves a lot of touching and intimate eye contact. It also gives the woman more control over the speed and depth of penetration.

3 The ‘Doggy sex’ pose.This one’s a favourite among the men. It lets a man have full control over the penetration and a great view of the woman’s body. He can also reach out and pleasure her and touch her during the act. It’s easy enough to do as well – she gets down on her hands and feet, and he sits on his knees and enters her from behind. He can now begin thrusting by holding her hips to steady her.

4 The ‘Spoon me’ pose. This position is best tried by couples who are familiar with each other’s bodies and rhythms. It is more of an affectionate stance than a sex pose, which starts with him spooning her body and cuddling with her. Stroking her body and letting her stroke his buttocks, thigh and penis, he soon enters her from behind. Though this pose is restrictive in allowing the body to move, it is a relaxed position that offers a delayed climax and lots of touching.

As always, it is better to have sex with a good condom and lube on hand. Though these different sex positions are guaranteed to take your sex life up several notches, you can always enhance the experience with vibrators, lube and condoms. Look up Durex’s vibrators and rings, or their different types of condoms for added pleasure. You can also experiment with their range of lubes (some can be massaged all over the body) for a more explosive climax.

It’s all about the best sex you’ve ever had – and you can have exciting sex with Durex to help!


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