Best Sports for Asthmatics

Five Best Sports for Asthmatics

Life with asthma can be tough growing up. Many individuals tend to miss out on the joy of competing in sports because of the fear of a sudden attack. Certain sports such as soccer, basketball, and long-distance running can put people at a greater risk of an attack because of their more aerobic nature.

Sports that involve short bursts of energy are generally better for those with asthma because they are less likely to leave you short of breath and consequently at a risk of an attack. Here are five sports that carry a considerably smaller risk of an attack during competition and are can be enjoyed by everyone.

1.    Baseball/Softball

Long considered “America’s Pastime”, baseball is one of the most prestigious and competitive sports out there. Softball while named differently provides the same amount of joy and competiveness as baseball for girls. The nature of the game requires a tremendous amount of skill and athleticism but in short bursts with plenty of time out in between plays. This makes it an excellent option for those with asthma as it allows for consistent breaks in case of a sudden attack.

2.    Golf

Like baseball, golf is one of the oldest and most prestigious sports that deals in short periods of skilled athleticism. Golf is a game of finesse that challenges the mind as well as the body. Many people with asthma carry golf as a lifelong hobby because it can be done at any age by anyone with the patience to learn the skills necessary to compete. Like baseball, golf has many opportunities between plays to catch your breath or deal with an attack if it comes on.

3.    Gymnastics

Most people are surprised to hear that one of the most difficult and painful sports out there is actually quite popular among those with asthma. Gymnastics offers many disciplines that are performed at an individual’s own pace. Skills such as the Vault, Floor, and Balance Beam allow an athlete to maneuver at their own pace at short intervals. Gymnastics may seem dangerous to some but it a tremendous sport that teaches hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

4.    Volleyball

Those with asthma tend to be at a greater risk of an attack in cold weather. Organized volleyball is rarely if ever played in cold weather and if carried out in short bursts alongside more than a handful of teammates. Volleyball is also the only one of these sports that actually has a beach category which his usually in the warmest climates. While action in volleyball can sometimes last for a minute or two at a time there is always time for substitution after each play in case the worst should happen.

5.    Track and Field

When we hear track and field we usually think of people running their hearts out and out of breath at the finish line. Rarely do we think of skills such as  shot put or pole vaulting which don’t require prolonged period of aerobic activity. These two skills require a lot of patience and hard work to master the craft but are nonetheless very enjoyable and competitive at high levels.

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