First Week of Pregnancy

An era start now, starting from a Girl to a Women. To become a mother for every newly married girl is a big dream and so much excited news. After knowing herself a pregnant lady after a Pregnancy Test she feel too good and much happy. So after getting the symptoms of pregnancy you have to prepare your body for pregnancy…..

In the very first week of pregnancy, it hardly becomes apparent even to you that you are pregnant. In short, there are hardly any signs of pregnancy that can assure you about you becoming a mother.

You & Your Growing Body- However, this is actually the time when your baby comes into existence. The gender of your baby is also decided at this stage itself.

Common Symptoms faced in the First Week Pregnancy
As early signs of first week pregnancy, you may encounter the following problems or bodily symptoms in a mild way:

  • Mild nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Bloating
  • Frequent urination
  • Hatred to odors
  • Sleeplessness etc.

Although some of the above mentioned symptoms could be general, however if you are encountering a majority of the symptoms, as stated above, then getting a pregnancy test can be a good idea.

Common Tests Advised-
One of the most common tests implemented to determine pregnancy include ‘Genetic Testing’ to determine the risks associate in giving birth to a baby, or the disorders (if any), expected to be inherited. This test is done by using the blood of both the mother and the father. In short this test is commonly recognized as complete blood count test (CBC Test)

Tips to Follow In First Week Of Pregnancy-
Talking to your doctor is the best tip to stay safe and secured.

  • While you are pregnant, there are a number of things you need to take care about. For instance, if you are a smoker, then you need to quit smoking and alcohol for a good period of time.
  • Stopping ‘over-the counter-medications’, may also be necessary, as they may prove harmful to you.
  • Also, most importantly if you have any serious medical problem like epilepsy or infection, or you are allergic to certain chemicals, it is advised, that you must inform your doctor about the same.

Nutrition for First Week of Pregnancy-
400 micrograms of Folic acid, is essential to prevent your baby from developing ‘Neutral Tube’ defects, like ‘spina bifida’. A measured dose of Folic acid can be started even before conception, and is advised to be continued throughout pregnancy.

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