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Erotic Body And Good Health! 2 in 1! Do it Now By Walking And Running

The walking is a moderate physical activity and in 30-60 minutes calories are burned and the metabolism is accelerated. By everyday walking you can reduce the risk of heart diseases, , colon cancer, diabetes, breast cancer and stroke. By walking you burn around 100 calories at one mile.

In order to burn more calories you should also pay attention to the nutrition and the daily taking of calories. To start your routine with the walking, firstly you should heated.

Walk by normal step of around 10 minutes, and then accelerate gradually. When you will reach the necessary level you should be able to breath and speak about breast cancer. If due to an over fatigue your heard breathing does not allow you to speak, it is a sign that you have exaggerated. With a suitable speed walk 30 minutes everyday and when you feel it then accelerate the tempo and the number of miles. Unlike the walking, the running is harder physical activity, mostly for losing weight.

By running you burn more calories than by walking and in that case you should be aware of the food. Smaller meals with more nutrients, more fruits and vegetables, regular hydration and more protein meals and less carbohydrates.

If you decide to run, it is best to make a plan. Write down what you eat every day, make a plan with time for running and planned kilometers. If you do not want to follow plans, then run regularly because if you run in order to lose weight the results will not come immediately but after a several weeks.

The running can be more effective than many exercises in a the gym if you do it properly and regularly. It is the best exercise for shaped legs and flat stomach and will cost you anything.

You will gain optimal health, regular physical activity and followed by a healthy food the running will bring you vitality, peace and bliss of the spirit.

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