Sugar - Less is more!

My husband and I were shopping at Costco’s trying to find the items we use on a daily basis in bulk. One of these things were sugar. We’ve tried every type of sugar out there. From simple sugars, to sweeteners, to raw brown sugar, etc. We stumbled upon a hugeRead More →

About Sensitive Skin

Many people claim to have sensitive skin because they have experienced irritations, including: stinging, burning, tightness or redness after using a skin care product. However, dermatologists diagnose sensitive skin when: there is very dry skin that doesn’t protect nerve endings, frequent blushing and redness occurs and when reactions su2ch as,Read More →

All About TMJ

According to Delta Dental, more than 15% of American Adults suffer from some type of chronic facial pain including headaches, earaches or jaw pain. Most of the source of this type of pain can be related to the temporomandibular joint caused by TMJ. Read More →