Best Sports for Asthmatics

Life with asthma can be tough growing up. Many individuals tend to miss out on the joy of competing in sports because of the fear of a sudden attack. Certain sports such as soccer, basketball, and long-distance running can put people at a greater risk of an attack because ofRead More →

Try This Method Of Relaxing

Do You Suffer From These Signs Of Tension? Heart racing or pounding, hyperventilating; feeling light-headed or faint, continual tiredness, difficulty getting to sleep, waking up tired, loss of appetite, “butterflies” in the stomach Unable to concentrate or feeling under pressure most of the time. Progressive Muscle Relaxation This is aRead More →

All About TMJ

According to Delta Dental, more than 15% of American Adults suffer from some type of chronic facial pain including headaches, earaches or jaw pain. Most of the source of this type of pain can be related to the temporomandibular joint caused by TMJ. Read More →