Yoga For Arthritis Patients

Benefits of Yoga For Arthritis Patients

In the event that one is suffering from arthritis, there is the need to come up with ways of reducing the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. The good news is that there are a variety of ways that you can use to achieve this without having to struggle too much. Yoga is one of the most popular exercise and meditation techniques that has so many benefits that arthritis patients are running to it for relief from some of the symptoms of the condition. Below are a few of the advantages of yoga to arthritis patients.

  • It leads to increased mental strength

One of the main features of yoga is that it teaches those who practice it to mediate and control their mind. This becomes very beneficial to arthritis patients in that the meditation leads to increased mental strength and they are able to better deal and control the effects of the pain associated with painful joints. This is a good thing in that they will be in good moods and spirits most of the time.

  • Yoga increases muscle strength

In addition to medication, yoga also has some exercises and this means that the patients get involved in them. The exercises lead to growth and build-up of their muscles which mean that their bone and joints receive more muscular support. The end result is that the bones and joints do not get overburdened to support the body structure and this goes a long way in reducing the pain. This is one of the biggest advantages of yoga to arthritis patients.

  • Yoga improves flexibility

One of the most devastating effects or symptoms of arthritis is inability to move with flexibility due to pain in the joints. As mentioned above, yoga exercises work well to develop one’s muscles. The muscles contain tendons that are used to raise and lower body parts for movement to occur. With the tendons in good condition, it is easy for the bones and joints to move without strain and pain and this makes the flexibility of the individual high and they are able to do more things than they were previously able to do on their own. This reduces the rate of dependency hence an advantage.

  • Improves respiratory functioning

The exercise part of yoga seems to carry so many advantages to the arthritis patient. The reason for this is that as the patient exercises, their respiratory system is made stronger and this means that they are able to take in and distribute more oxygen to the body cells. This goes a long way in reducing the pain brought by arthritis since the muscles are well supplied with oxygen hence reducing the build-up of lactic acid.

  • Yoga increases one’s sense of well being

The mediation involved in yoga leads to an increase in how good a person feels about themselves. The reason for this is that they look deep into who they are and get to appreciate the same. The advantage to an arthritic person is that they get to see other good things about themselves and hence are not weighed down by the fact that they are sick.

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