Baby’s Initial Adventure Home From The Hospital

Baby’s Initial Adventure Home From The Hospital

Bringing one’s baby home from the hospital is an event every new-parent looks forward to in life. No matter if your baby arrives sometime soon, or slightly late, or it comes through adoption. Nothing will mitigate the adventurous spirit of the proud new parents. The big event may not run as smooth as you expect it to be since it is the innocent little one who is coming home. The proud father has to pack clothes for the return trip. The new mothers often think too much about their baby’s outfit to be worn while coming home and in the process they tend to forget or give enough importance to their own clothes. The new mother has to make sure that she has some loose fitting clothes because she may not fit in to what she used to wear before pregnancy.
Most of the time the new parents go overboard in selecting the outfit for the baby to come home. In that ecstatic moment they may even forget the fact that the baby has to feel warm and comfortable rather than be clad in unsettling fancy clothes. A nicely decorated one-piece outfit would be the best apparel for the new born to come home. Irrespective of the season, the new born has to be kept warm in order to maintain the body temperature. The baby’s head has to be nicely covered with a cap which would ensure that it is not straightaway exposed to the cool wind or the hot sun or the fog. The immunity of the new born is zero and the parents have to be extra cautious in the first few months in particular.

It is equally important to wrap the baby in a cozy blanket. The new parents also need to arrange for a health care provider and a taxi who should be available at a phone call. The parents need to be thorough with the date of the vaccinations which are to be given to the baby. It is better to jot down your questions or doubts to be clarified on your next visit to the doctor since the new parents would not often know what to do with the new born if any minute thing goes wrong.

It is inevitable that the new parents get a safety seat for the baby. No matter how luxurious your car is and how skillful your driving is, the delicate bones of the baby would crack at the slightest jerk on the road. There are different kinds of car seats available in the market, but only two are suitable for a newborn baby: infant car seats and convertible car seats. Infant car seats are designed in such a way that your infant’s head and neck are protected in an abrupt stop. It will have to be replaced when the baby grows slightly heavier. Convertible car seats are designed to provide a rearward position for infants but it can also accommodate forward facing position for older babies and toddlers. The baby should never be seated in the front of the vehicle, but in the rear seat of the car.

If the new parents do not spend much time dressing the baby up, chances are that they would bring home a contented, calm baby. The first check-up of the baby has to be scheduled before leaving the hospital. Some pre mature babies go home with a special monitor for checking their breathing. In that case the parents should be taught infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The parents would naturally have some mixed feelings on bringing the baby home if the baby is their first-born. It all goes well as days go by and the baby grows up.

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