Afraid Of The Dentist

Afraid Of The Dentist? 5 Tips To Calm Your Child’s Dental Fears

To promote excellent oral hygiene and to keep your kid’s teeth healthy, a visit to dentist after every few months is necessary. But for kids this visit might be a bit too scary. Sitting in an unfamiliar room surrounded with weird equipment and filled with strange noises. For a kid these might not be pleasing.

It is important that you help your kid to cope up with this fear in early age or he/ she will develop dentist phobia which might not be good for him/ her. Make them aware that these doctors are friendly family dentists and are not going to cause any harm. Acknowledging them will surely make your visits much more relaxed and comfortable.

Below are 5 most amazing tips which will you in calming your child’s dental fears.

1. Emphasize on the Importance of Good Oral Hygiene Parents should teach their child that how important it is to have healthy teeth and how one can have them. Tell them that visiting a friendly family dentist is not a choice but necessity. And that the dentist will take care of their teeth so that they can eat everything and have a bright smile.

2. Keep It Simple If it is the first time that you are taking your kid to visit dentist. Try to keep it as simple as possible, that is, do not include so many details. It is recommended that you discuss with your child before visiting but mentioning too many details won’t be wise. The details will be complex and hard to understand. You kid might raise more questions and answers to them might scare them. Create an image of friendly family dentist and avoid saying that the treatment won’t hurt you because to some extent it will. In such situations the child might lose trust in you and dentist.

3. Do not try to Relate Always take your kid to a friendly family dentist. Before their age, don’t make them visit the adult dentist office. Mostly parents take their kids along when they have an appointment. Parents are themselves anxious about their treatment and kids can feel that fear. There are chances that your kid might get scared and will avoid visiting a dentist when his/ her time comes. Friendly family dentist have video games, friendly pictures and movies in their clinics to provide comfort zone.

4. Avoid Bribery Mostly parents bride their kids before visiting friendly family dentists. For example they ask their kid not to cry and they will get a lollipop or chocolate after it. This will make the child think that what is so bad about the dentist that I might want to cry? See. This will create a negative image in his mind.

5. Watch Your Words Do not use words such as pain, hurt or shot with your kids before the visit. These will scare them. Friendly family dentists are very well experienced and know how to handle kids and prepare them so let them choose the words.

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