7 Easiest Tips To Help Your Dry Eye Problem

7 Easiest Tips To Help Your Dry Eye Problem

If you are sitting at the desk and then suddenly you feel little distracted because your eyes are irritating you and rubbing to makes you feel good? If that is the case, the office atmosphere might be extra-ordinarily dry or maybe you are using the computer for too long which is finally showing its effect on your eyes. It is because when we concentrate on the computer screen or the TV. we blink for significantly less number of times. Now when you are sitting inside an air-conditioned office, which provides dry cool air and also using the artificial fluorescent lighting, everything working together and in tandem to give you a tired, sore and often red eyes. No wonder you are going for the rub and often removing the eyeglasses, if you are wearing any.

Are you fed up with these problems? If you are using eye drops to no major gain, you can use some of these tips to fight the dry eye problem. These are helpful especially if you need to work in front of computers for hours.

Eat lunch elsewhere: Whenever it is possible, step away from the AC and eat your lunch in the outside. The natural humidity in the air is always better for eyes and the fine layer of tear which covers our eyes is greatly replenished when we this air hits the eyes.

Smart snacking: We cannot put more stress on the need of our body systems. A healthy diet is very important for the body and thus even for the eyes; they need to be fed the healthy food. If you are suffering from dry eyes at work, you should give your body foods like walnuts, broccoli or bilberries which contain enough omega-3, zinc and vitamin C.

No phone policy: When you take a break from PC, also take a break from the phone. I know you just love the gadget you have and you often feel like it’s a vital organ of your body, but have mercy on your eyes and leave the phone at the desk.

Anti-glare screen filter: Glare can really harm your eyes by putting a lot of strain on it. The pupil, to be exact, suffers badly from it. The dry eye problems like headache and eye fatigue, where your eyes burns, grow quickly due to continuous staring at the monitor. It is a very safe precaution to use anti-glare screens to protect your eyes from this evil.

Make adjustments: You should adjust the screen brightness and then you should adjust the size of the fonts where you can read the WebPages and other things comfortably from a distance. There is this fine shortcut CTRL and + key for increasing the text size and CTRL plus – keys to make the size smaller.

Ditch the contacts: As the contact lenses tend to suck the moisture away from the pupil area, dry eye symptom can be worse for people who are wearing these lenses. Either go for the good old eyeglasses or ask your ophthalmologist about scleral lenses.

Go green: Will you believe if I say that the inside air is fine to seven times more polluted to than the outdoor air? You will never believe that the air conditioner sellers are just misleading you all these days. But remember that his air is stale and the toxins, thus, don’t leave the room. There are chemicals like formaldehyde and trochlorethane and enzyme which are found in daily used things like towels, varnishes which are used on furniture and even paper towels. It is scary, isn’t it? As the best natural air cleaner are the plants, try keeping as many plants in your office as possible. Plants like pot mum, oeace lilies and spider plants can survive without much care of watering. These plants will filter the air for your eyes.


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